1. Looking forward to a quiet day at work and a quiet evening at home. Working hard on my latest fan fiction and hoping to post it soon. Way to many story ideas floating around I. My brain right now. Hope I can get them all jotted down before I lose them.

  2. 15:26 3rd Jun 2012

    Notes: 1

    Zombie Apocalypse

    My family calls me a nerd and makes fun of me because of all my talking about and preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse.  Ok, so I’m a nerd, big deal.  I truly believe that one day there will be an event that will happen that could be classified as a Zombie Apocalypse.  It may be a virus or a biological weapon that causes it, but I plan to be prepared for it. 

  3. Today

    Another 10 hour day at work, I’m not looking forward to it. I’m ready for the 3 day weekend. Plan to spend it working on the book I’m writing and more fan fiction.

  4. Me

    I’m a wife and mother of 3.  I’m an aspiring writer.  I’ve been writing since I was 5.  I love music of all kinds.  I love movies from every genre.  I’m looking to make the most of my life, but unfortunately there are many many hurdles standing in my way.